How To Draw Out Money Cheap in Poland (Avoid High Bank/ATM Fees)

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Poland is a great country to visit with good food and culture and some good cities to visit like Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw to visit. See here for our language guide on Poland.

But as with most countries, if you use your foreign bank card when visiting there, especially to draw out cash from ATMs, you’ll likely to get stung with high cash fees. Many traditional banks will also charge even for doing purchases on your card abroad.

Is there any way around this? Are there any multi-currency bank cards you can use when in Poland to avoid or lessen these bank fees?

In this post, we’re going to cover by far the best option to spend on card and withdraw cash for foreigners (UK/USA/Canada/Australia/NZ tourists or expats) in Poland – The TransferWise/Wise multi-currency card.

It’s free to join in most countries, and here’s a summary of what you get:

  • The option to open up Polish zloty balances and transfer money in from your domestic accounts
  • The ability to spend your Polish zloty balance with zero fees using your Wise card
  • The ability to draw out £/$/€ 200 worth of zloty per month with zero fees (1.75% after that)
  • Cheap conversion fees and much lower ATM fees than most banks.

The Wise card is the best option I’ve found for spending as a tourist/expat/nomad in Poland without need to open an official account there and also avoiding the high bank fees.

Let’s run through the main features, how to use, plus the benefits.

Who Can Get a Wise Card?

The great news is that the Wise card is now very widely available; residents in the following countries can get one:

  • USA (all states except Nevada)
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • See here for a full list of available countries

Click here to sign up for a Wise Borderless card

If you’re specifically looking to spend in different currencies, then you need the “Cross-border/Borderless” Wise card.

Just have a passport or other photo ID, and bank statement to confirm your address, and that’s usually enough in most cases to get signed up and confirmed. You’ll have your Wise multi-currency card sent to you within a few days.

How Does The Wise Card Work?

The Wise card is a multi-currency debit card that allows you to receive, spend, convert and transfer money between your domestic currency and others that you want. You can open and add to balances in other currencies than your home one, and all these balances are attached to the same single Wise card, so you can spend in all these currencies in those countries as though you had a normal bank card in those countries.

And Polish zloty is one of the extra balances you can open!

Therefore you can open a zloty balance, transfer money from your USD/GBP/EUR balance, and spend on your card (or withdraw cash at ATMs with zero fees up to a point) when in Poland as though you had a bank account and card there.

It’s a great option, and if you manage your account, cash usage and ATM withdrawals while traveling there, you can avoid paying any bank fees at all there, or at least pay a lot less than using your normal bank cards.

How To Open Up a Wise Polish Zloty Balance

Opening and adding to a Polish zloty balance is easy, once you’ve got your Wise account set up and confirmed

Just go to the Home tab on the left hand side:


Then click the Open + sign to add a new currency:


Then select the Account option:

You then get a choice to open a currency account with or without account details.

Polish zloty is currently available, but only as a without account details option. This means that spending money is fine, but there are some restrictions on receiving money which we’ll cover later.

Select it and a Polish zloty balance will be opened for you immediately. It will appear alongside your other balances (GBP/Dollar/Euro etc). You can transfer/convert money from your other balances for a small fee.

If you’re traveling around Eastern Europe, you can also open up currency balances for nearby countries as well, like Bulgarian Lev, Hungarian Forint, Romanian leu etc, as and when you need them. It’s a great feature on the Wise card.

What You Can Do With Your Polish Zloty Balance & Wise Card

As soon as you’ve added funds to your zloty balance, you’re good to go! You can spend and withdraw that money using your Wise card in Poland, just the same as if you had a Polish bank account and card.

This means you can:

  • Spend your zloty (PLN) balance in Poland online, in shops, restaurants etc, just like a normal bank card, with ZERO fees (just like a domestic Polish bank card)
  • Withdraw up to £/$/€ 200 worth of zloty (around 1000 zloty at current exchange rates) per month in a maximum of 2 transactions with ZERO fees.
  • You can also actually send money to others in Poland from your PLN balance, as long as you have the recipient’s account details. Hit the Send button from your zloty balance and proceed through the steps.

What You Can’t Do With Your Polish Zloty Balance & Wise Card

Because there are no local bank account details provided with your Wise Polish Zloty Lev account, you can’t receive any money into the balance from others, because there’s no bank account/routing numbers you can give them. So you couldn’t use it to get paid from an employer, supplier etc. You’d need a Polish bank account for that. But you CAN receive money into your other Wise balances that do have local account details (eg. USD/GBP/EUR etc) and convert them straight into your PLN balance if you want.

But receiving is really the only restriction with the Wise currency balances, and other than that it pretty much works like having a normal Polish bank account and card for spending, sending and withdrawing money.

Wise Card ATM Rules & Fees

The ATM withdrawal fee rules on your Wise Polish zloty balance are a bit complicated at first, but the bottom line is that the rules are a lot more generous with more leeway than most traditional banks:

  • You can withdraw up to EUR/GBP 200 worth of zloty (see conversions below) from an ATM with ZERO fees each calendar month.
  • You can make up to 2 ATM withdrawals each month with ZERO fees. If you make more than 2 withdrawals, there’s a fee of EUR/GBP 0.50 per transaction, until you hit the limit below:
  • After your 200 GBP/EUR equivalent limit is breached, you’ll pay a 1.75% ATM fee for all withdrawals.

And here’s a concise list of ATM fees you’ll pay for card holders in major English speaking countries:

  • UK based cardholders (ATM):
      • Currently – Can draw out GBP 200 worth of local currency in maximum of 2 transactions for free each calendar month. After that, 1.75% fee for ATM withdrawals, plus 0.50 fee for any withdrawals over the permitted 2 free ones each month.
  • US based cardholders (ATM):
      • Currently – Can draw out $100 worth of local currency in maximum of 2 transactions for free each calendar month. After that, 2% fee for ATM withdrawals, plus $1.50 fee for any withdrawals over the permitted 2 free ones each month.
  • Australian based cardholders (ATM):
      • Currently – Can draw out A$350 worth of local currency in maximum of 2 transactions for free each calendar month. After that, 1.75% fee for ATM withdrawals, plus A$1.50 fee for any withdrawals over the permitted 2 free ones each month.
  • Fees for cards issued to residents of other countries vary, but are usually in the same general ballpark (couple of hundred free each month in max 2 ATM transactions., then 1.5-2% fee after that)

In other words, if you’re going to use your Wise card to draw out money, you are best off making 2 large withdrawals, just enough to stay below your limit and avoid paying fees. You can’t really make loads of smaller withdrawals as it’s not efficient and you’ll end up paying fees.

To help out, here are some current conversions at the time of writing (subject to change as currencies are quite volatile at the moment):

  • 1 GBP = 5.56 Zloty (so you can withdraw 1110 Zloty per month for free in 2 transactions)
  • 1 USD = 5 Zloty (so you can withdraw 1000 Zloty per month for free in 2 transactions)
  • 1 EUR = 4.88 Zloty (so you can withdraw 970 Zloty per month for free in 2 transactions)
  • 1 CAD = 3.62 Zloty
  • 1 AUD = 3.19 Zloty
  • 1 NZD = 2.81 Zloty
  • For CAD/AUS/NZ/USA customer, check with customer service, but I believe the zero fee withdrawal limits are set at 200 euro/GBP equivalent zloty amount instead of your home currency, so you get more to play with.

If you have the Wise app, it’ll let you know how much you’ve still got to withdraw for free each month.

Always check the current exchange rate as well, as it could have changed from when this article was published. See here for a good conversion tool, preset to Polish Zloty (just change your home currency).

After these limits are reached, or you do more than 2 ATM withdrawals a month, there’s a 1.75% fee for all ATM cash withdrawals.

Therefore you can avoid any ATM fees if you’re strategic with how you use the Wise card:

  • Pay for everything you can with your card (supermarkets, shops, online, restaurants that allow it, etc). Bank cards are widely accepted in Poland, especially in the larger cities.
  • Just make 2 big ATM withdrawals a month (around 500 Zloty each, depending on what limit you need to stay under to avoid the fee limit). That should get you a long way towards your cash needs as long as you use your card for purchases when you can. At current rates, you can draw out about 1000 Zloty per month for free depending on your base currency.
  • Don’t make more than 2 ATM withdrawals a month or you’ll get charged the fee regardless of how much you’ve taken out.
  • After drawing out GBP/EUR 200 worth of zloty (around 950-1000 zloty at current rates), then you will pay 1.75% for further withdrawals. That’s 3.50 for every extra EUR/GBP 200 (around 1000 zloty) you withdraw on top of your fee free limit. Not ideal but much better than most traditional banks.

Wise Card Purchase Rules & Fees

The purchase rules for the Wise card are much simpler:

As long as spending from your Polish Zloty balance, and there’s sufficient funds, there are ZERO fees to use the Wise card at any Polish retailer or online.

In other words, spending “in currency” on your Wise card is free – you can just use it like resident Poles use their own debit cards – zero fees, tap and go! And it’ll take the money out of your Zloty balance.

But you need to always make sure you’ve got your Zloty balance topped up so there’s enough in there. Here are some more nuanced scenarios when you’re spending “out of currency” on the Wise card:

  1. If you have some zloty in your balance, but not enough to make a transaction, it’ll take what zloty there are, and then use the rest from another balance, with the lowest fees
  2. If you have no Zloty balance but use the card in Poland, it’ll take the money out of whichever balance you DO have which has the lowest fees (but you will pay a conversion fee).

Therefore it’s best to spend in Poland with your zloty balance only to avoid fees.

Click here to sign up for a Wise Borderless card