About Us

How Widely Spoken is a languages site exploring the prevalence of English and other languages around the world. We produce content which helps tourists figure out whether English or other languages are widely spoken in the places they are travelling to so they can prepare accordingly.

We notice so many of the search results online about this are either really old or incomplete. We aim to gather together all the relevant information online about languages around the world and present easy to read posts with a bottom line conclusion as to whether English will allow you to get by in different countries around the world.

My name is Oliver, and I have a passion for travel myself, spending lots of time in sunny European countries. I have travelled to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Greece and Cyprus, and have lived for an extended time in Italy (twice), Bulgaria and Turkey, and have an interest in the flow, structure and pronunciation of all the different languages around the world.

If you would like a post regarding certain languages in certain countries which we have not published yet, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message through our Contact Page and we will do our best to publish an article on it and fill a gap in the information market.